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Do you think about creating your application in RUBY?

Creating your application in Ruby, did you think about it? It's obvious ... Why? Because Ruby is a modern programming language, uncluttered, easy to understand and to learn. In addition, it has an excellent framework, Ruby on Rails.

Ruby, an accessible language

One of the first pleasant things about Ruby on Rails is the Ruby language itself. The syntax is simple, not verbose, close to the English language and very flexible. For rugged developers, Ruby paves the way for meta-programming (writing code so that your service generates other pieces of code automatically) in a unique way. Intellectually, it is a pleasure to structure his thought and write code in this language.

A minimal tool set

Once the setup and the configuration of your machine are realized, the tool set associated with Ruby on Rails is the simplest one: a text editor, a terminal and a browser. No time and loading screen when you code. Your computer is breathing. You too.

Extraordinary flexibility

Ruby on Rails is a framework, that is, a framework in which the developer must register. It is also a unique tool perfectly adapted to the development of web applications. Ruby on Rails offers extraordinary flexibility to cash in on all of these changes.

Whatever field you want to invest in, your need will usually be: a database, a front-end (the visible part of your application), and a back-end (server-side code). The reunification and painless arrangement of these three elements are definitely the sweet spot of ruby on rails.

The Strength of the Ruby on Rails Community

Ruby on Rails is a Gem, that is to say an open source module, developed and maintained for more than 10 years by thousands of developers. There are also thousands of gems available. Thus, when a new functionality is to be developed, in 90% of cases the work can be done quickly based on an existing module.

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