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Does an application need a php development ??

It is quite possible to create an application with PHP. All php development company will tell you. Php is primarily a good open source and free solution. Php is above all imperative, functional, procedural, object oriented and reflexive. It is an interpreted language and low dynamic type according to some people. It does not always have backwards compatibility but may well fit all platforms with partial UTF-8 management. It is a popular general purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development. It s' acts alone & PHP or Zend and Symfony PHP, it may well make a web application without changing major version. It requires no application server other than a web server and is supported by a leading publisher in the case of a free php frameworks.

For maintenance and packaging

For maintenance, a bug in php will only block a little display. It is quite facie correct it according to the structure and quality of development that the bug in question is pkus pernicious and harder to pinpoint without forgetting that the language PHP is not compiled. This is why the bugs will only be visible during execution. The application is a php file deposited together in a directory. There is no packaging. The update is elementary through overwriting previous files with the new version. The disadvantage of this approach is that it is impossible to know whether the update was successful. To do this, it is essential to check each file. This will also allow all changes are immediately available without the need to deliver any application for updating. A simple enough for that patch.

The server

Php is deployed on a web server type. Therefore it reduces the cost and extend the supply of accommodation. It can be hosted on any operating system. It is lighter and does not consume a lot of resources unless the application is more complex and requires several treatments trades. It allows frequent changes without being backward compatible.

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