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Every website has its own database

When you are a php developers, we realize that every website should have its own database or a personalized data. If you say you are a developer but then you still do not feel capable of creating real sites is that you have not yet understood the main element so the database. The latter is the one that can save several well organized and hierarchical data. Here the variables are no longer just stay in memory for the generation of each of the pages and files that you have written must also be well recorded. Then you will have good store somewhere whether it be messagezs on your forums, navigation options for members, lists of your members and others. The database is the only way to do this very simply.

Databases and SQL

The database is none other than the system which will record all necessary information by being well ranked. It is a way that is simple, effective and fast to properly store all the information of a website. It is likely that we have become used to save a file as you learned to do it. However, when we had recourse to the database, you can not live without since the latter allows to find in record time, a file or information needed to recover a little later.

The database management system is then the program will load the storage of each of your data. You have a choice of MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server. Ideally, choose the systems both of volunteers. You have to give it the order to record or retrieve data by talking through SQL.

Basically, the database then stores all very organized way data allowing you to find them easily. We communicate with systems using the SQL language that is common to all. Not to mention that the tool will have the role of intermediary between you and the MySQL will be PHP.

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