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Do you really know how Ruby works ?

Ruby is a scripting language that has become increasingly popular in the world of web development. Indeed, the simplicity, the lightness and the power of its code have long made its success. It is a language that is somewhere between the simplicity of Python and the flexibility of Perl.

Why choose the Ruby language?

Ruby is a language that is often associated with the Framework Rails, we talk about Ruby on Rails (RoR for fans). So it’s almost impossible to talk about Ruby without mentioning RoR in the world of web development. Indeed, RoR resume the specifications of the object-oriented language Ruby and adapts it to the production of web applications more or less complex. Thus, you can quickly create your web applications, even the richest one. This is why a lot of web agencies such as Ruby Savvy, have opted for this fast, flexible and easy to maintain language.

Moreover, one of the main advantages of the Ruby-Rail association is probably the increase in productivity. With increased productivity, you can develop multiple web projects in record time. This is not necessarily the case with other languages and Framework. Also, Ruby offers a stylish and readable code.

How does the Ruby language work?

Ruby is a language that is both object-oriented, interpreted and multi-paradigm. Furthermore, it allows the user to modify classes during the execution of the program; Which makes it very flexible. In addition, the blocks add an extra touch to this flexibility as well as the possibility of developing extensions in C, in a simpler and intuitive way.

On the other hand, one of the peculiarities of Ruby is the mixin. The language does not support multiple inheritance, unlike other object-oriented languages, but instead offers a system of modules. These modules can be used in classes that inherit all methods. All these features make Ruby a language more and more used to develop scripts. Especially since the association RoR allows you to do wonders in web applications’ development.

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