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PHP 5.6.26 is on !

The web world is a perpetual development, it is obvious to adapt. This is especially true for developers and users who interact with the digital world. In that framework, therefore evolve with the world even the tools used in the development work. This is exactly the case of PHP, which is part of the most recurrent tools now and always tends to develop.

A little reminder

Remember, php developers use this tool to develop web applications. PHP is an open source and general scripting language. Its greatest strength is the fact that incorporate the simplest possible in HTML. To display it so it will not be necessary to use several commands since php pages already contain fragments of HMTL. PHP is a server side language, ie, that his code will run exclusively via a web server to generate HTML. This will be then sent directly to customers without their way to not have to access the source code. So it will be a perfect result. It will also be possible to completely confuse static pages and dynamic pages by configuring the server.

Another version

You should know that PHP is still evolving so it is obvious to see the new versions on. In this sense, the release of PHP 5.6.26 has been announced and it is the latest version of the rule so that v5.6.x all PHP bugs. They also discuss issue related to security, EXIF ​​handling, FTP functionality, GD copying images, JSON error on limits and lazy fetch. Everything was done so that all the features and benefits accrue PHP and development work is the fastest. In any case, everything was centered on the perfection of the result. Obviously, this new version is still open source and is already available on the web. It will suffice to download and install it to use it.

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