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Php and its problem

The creation of a website is a mandatory step for all companies. It must be said that the scope of the virtual world is more to do since almost everyone is currently connected. Of course, during the process of creation and management of website, one will speak necessarily of tools of development. Php is a must in this context and it is thanks to its many advantages. But it also has its problems and disadvantages.

Let's talk about PHP

First of all, you should know that PHP is a scripting language specially designed for application development. It is both open source and generalist and its simplicity of integration with HTML is what makes its rating. Indeed, to display the latter, it will no longer be necessary to use a multitude of commands since the PHP pages already contain fragments of HTML. Also, you should know that php is a server-side language, unlike languages ​​like Java, which is client-side. Its code will therefore run on server in order to generate HTML. The latter will then be sent directly to the clients without their having access to the source code. Also, with php, it will be possible to perfectly confuse the static pages and the dynamic pages thanks to the configuration of the server.

Their problems

Despite all the advantages of php, we will nevertheless notice some recurring problems facing its use. Above all, there is the problem of distribution. Indeed, the concern is mainly on the plugins and the vast majority to this does not have vulnerabilities. At this level too, we note the concern of distribution of the type of emission always at the level of the plugin. The problems are therefore mainly on the management of plugins which biases a bit the choice of PHP. In all cases, these problems can be solved easily by using php developers of high level. They will know perfectly these problems to better interact with. It will suffice, afterwards, to mount the site and do the work of development following perfectly the aim sought.

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