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Php forum will be the 27 of october in France

Dear developers, you expected it finally arrives. The dedicated php developer’s forum opens October 27. And this year, you're very lucky, you will not have to leave your country because the forum will be held in France. You have no excuses then not get there this year. For you who are unfamiliar with PHP, you are also welcome. Come discover what is best in this moment in the world of php.

Don’t miss this occasion to learn more about php.

There are many programming languages that are used. If we try to count them, we are not going to get out. What we recommend most often to people who engage in programming that is, to give a purpose to them will determine the programming language to be used. Still, do not be worry. These points will be discussed at the forum organized php just for you. A forum is the place ideal for the chance to meet people who are practically experts of their craft. We do not say to influence you or belittle you for. What we want you to understand is that you will have the chance to meet people you can ask questions and you answer surely, but also you will have the chance to learn more about php. We now know that this is the php programming language that is most used for making dynamic websites. You have a lot of advantage to use the PHP language to achieve your dynamic websites. This then is the time to note on your calendar that October 27 is the day of the year you should not miss. Do not miss this opportunity to learn more about the language you use probably for a long time for your projects. For you, php programmer, this forum is made for you so, do not miss it.

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