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Ror can be easy with professional !

Ruby on Rails is a web framework (collection of tools to simplify the development of websites), based on the Ruby language that allows creating powerful web applications and write code with very high productivity. This technology is now very popular in the world of startups as shown in the list of sites built on this framework.

Learn Ruby

To learn Ruby on Rails, you must first learn the underlying programming language Ruby. If you really want to understand Ruby on Rails, you are prompted to deepen Ruby and the concept of object oriented programming. Object programming revolves around a single entity: the object. An object is primarily a data structure. Otherwise, it is an entity to manage the data, classify, and store them in some form : brings together data and the means of processing the data.

The basics of Ruby on Rails

Once familiar with Ruby, you must now learn Rails. The best resource is:
- Rails for Zombies by EnvyLabs
- Tutorial of Michael Hartl
Attention to non-developer, it is quite complicated to install or use for the first time Ruby on Rails on your computer. You will need to familiarize yourself with the command line and your device. Indeed Ruby on Rails may seem easy access a priori and these tips will let you know to make a website in a few weeks. However, if you are not comfortable with computers or if you have ever developed, the beginning will be difficult and it will be necessary to arm yourself with a little patience and with a lot of perseverance, to reach your purposes. You can conveniently be helped by a professional developer, for example in freelance. Because Ruby one Rails can be easier with a professional. Anyway, it's worth it because you will have a much better understanding of the web today.

Contact some ror developers here and Ruby On Rails will be easy for you !

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