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The cloud, a solution, even for your customer service

Cloud computing is an infrastructure in which computing power and storage are managed by remote servers to which users connect via a secure Internet connection. The cloud is also characterized by its flexibility, which allows suppliers to automatically adjust storage capacity and computing power to users' needs.

The services of cloud computing

There are several types of cloud services:
- IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) : the operating system and applications are installed by customers on servers to which they connect to work as if it were a desktop computer.
- PaaS (Platform as a Service): In this mode, the cloud service provider that administers the operating system and its tools. The customer can install their own applications if necessary.
- SaaS (Software as a Service) applications are delivered as turnkey services to which users connect via dedicated software or a web browser.

Agility, mobility, acceleration : 3 key success factors essential for 21st century business

A enterprise must meet the needs of its employees and of its customers who want to connect anytime, anywhere and if possible with any type of media: this is the era of ATAWAD (Any Time , AnyWhere, AnyDevice), the era of mobility. The extended enterprise must be mobile in order to be agile. Cloud computing brings these 3 key elements. It is both a factor of agility, mobility and acceleration:

Agility, using the computer resource (application, computing power, storage etc.) on demand and according to its needs.

Mobility, thanks to the emergence of lightweight terminals associated with virtualization applications.

Finally, acceleration thanks to rapid deployment of applications, infrastructure to cope with peak activity.

The cloud is ideal for business software such as customer relationship management applications, since users must access it on any device. For your business remotely, a CRM cloud provides access to all the necessary information from a mobile terminal. With Salesforce Dubai, the cloud is the solution for your customer service.

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