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The different frameworks as PHP

For php developers, choosing the ideal framework is just a breeze. Indeed, for every developer can create an effective website and well secured on php, by providing users with modern features and easy to handle, there's nothing better than using a framework. Some frameworks are complementary if other rather depend on each other. There are a number of frameworks in the field of development. If you want to know more about these, here are some examples that might interest you.

Popular Frameworks

The first most popular framework in the field of web development is none other than Laravel. It is ranked among the best for the year 2015 and growing rapidly in terms of ranking in search engines trend. The Laravel project does not allow us to unpack an archive to make the creation of a project. It is based on an MVC or Model-View-Controller structure. It is based on static methods and has a dependency injection system.

The second framework is Codelgniter. This is a widely used rightly framework. In just a few hours you can fully control it. In addition to the documentation which is well done and speed, Codelgniter disopse a small memory footprint.

Symfony 2 is also one of the best most used frameworks. This is the number one framework in France. Although it is more complex and heavier than these it has a very safe value. It also has a debug mode offering many interesting information during the creation of the web application.

Cakephpcomes thereafter. This is a good framework combining rigor and flexibility between major applications and smaller sites with MVC programming principle also. It is faicle create any project whether large or not.

Do not forget Zendis well known in France and Yes It Is offers a website or blog ready for use. There are also other interesting frameworks as Phalcon, FuelPHP or Kohana.

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