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The importance of website content for a good ranking

Have a good place on SERP is very important for a website. Proper positioning helps to attract more visitors and so more traffic on your website. But to be among the best results of a search engine like Google, needs to obey certain rules; rules that cease to evolve over the years. Nowadays, website content plays an important role in SEO.

Evolution of SEO methods

Search engine such as Google developed powerful algorithms to rate website. Initially, the CTR (click-through rate) and the number of links referring to a website allow to classify the website. Google bet on quantity rather than quality. In other words, In other words, the more your links appear all over the other website or directories, more likely you are to be well ranked on SERP. But today, Google and other search engine are more interested by websites’ quality. They check backlinks, website organization and code, and even the website content if they are good. So, it’s essential to have a quality content for a good ranking on SERP. Otherwise, website with poor quality content is likely to be punished by Google through its algorithm Panda and Penguin.

Produce a good content for an effective SEO

For a good ranking on search engine, you need to obey Google’s rules to avoid bad SEO methods like spamdexing. Whether the choice of keywords acts in an SEO strategy, it is also crucial to give special attention to the content of the site. Indeed, a good web publication is seen by Google. They privilege website with clear and simply organization. Google also privilege website with authentic and varied content. A good content allow a visitor to spend more time on your website pages, and Google notice that. But, Google can penalize website with static content. So you have to change regularly your content to “stay alive” on SERP too.

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