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Web solutions with Ror

As soon as the word "internet" is mentioned, the websites come directly into the mind. Admittedly, to interact seamlessly with the web world, it will be important to create one or more websites. During this work, it will take into account important aspects of the development work for the site to be well mounted and effective thereafter. For the result to be perfect, the use of effective tools will be required. One of the most used by startups lately is ruby ​​on rails. This effervescence is easily explained by the benefits of this tool.

Why ruby ​​on rails?

Remember, ruby ​​on rails is a framework using the Ruby language. This is very powerful while object-oriented and multi-paradigm. The ruby ​​on rails developers so wear this tool to develop web applications quickly and efficiently. Clearly, unparalleled production of this framework is what really makes her popular with startups. Since this is an interpreted programming tool, it will be possible to design a website in minutes. In the case of a blog, it will be possible to mount it with only 62 lines of code. Of course, the quality will be at the appointment as the ruby ​​on rails or ror is a comprehensive tool that has several advantages that no developer can not really underestimate.

Benefits everywhere

Being a complete development tool, ror has many advantages that will help all developers to facilitate their work. In this list of advantages, it is noted the presence of already structure. Clearly ror will structure the project in a perfect way for better organization at work. Migration will also be waiting for you with this tool so the project structure may well advanced and the contents of the database. There is also the Active Record function which is an ORM to effectively manipulate the data. The code needed to make CRUD or Create, Read, Update, Delete will also be generated by the scaffolding. Obviously, security, caches and the possibility of testing will be available with ror.

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