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A website with PHP development won't be slower if it has been well thought

All php developers know this. PHP provides several advantages over a website. Indeed, it allows your site to be available on the vast majority of public accommodation but also enables all the handymen they are novices or professionals to quickly add dynamic odds and in a static site.

It has been specifically designed as a scripting language on the server that is why he is able to do anything a CGI script may be it form data collection, the génératioin dynamic content or management of cookies. But these are not the only things that PHP can do.

The areas in which PHP can be illustrated

The scripting language on the server side is the traditional and primary use of PHP. To operate, it is important to have a PHP parser, a web browser and a web server. You will then need to execute the correlation server with PHP. The browser will help you to access the entire program. These peuvernt run entirely on your machine if you are a PHP programming the expert.

There is also the programming language command line that allows you to write PHP scripts and execute them on the command line and you will not need the web server or a browser. You need only an executable PHP. Which is favorable for scripts that are used regularly or for your task manager. Know that they can also help you to carry out operations on text files.

PHP also helps you write graphical client applications especially if you want to use the extended features in your client applications. Otherwise, there are also these highly portable applications using the PHP-GTK. Anyway, with PHP, you have your choice of operating system and your web server and are not limited to HTML output without forgetting that supports a maximum of protocols such as COM, HTTP, IMAP, and others. Although most people do not appreciate, it can do great things if it handles the fine.

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