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Ecommerce, pay the editor once and never again !

You need an online personnalization editor for your e-commerce site? Know Elite Print can give you the answer to your problems. In fact, you can connect without any difficulties customizing the online editor Plug & Play to your site through it. This is a module that will come with very detailed documentation for integration. It will let you know all the ideal information you need to connect the input and output. You have at your disposal a very reactive support with many experienced developers throughout the integration.

Available features

You will not need to use a specific database since you will have access to a file system. You can also enjoy a configuration file to specify the physical paths while being able to edit the code for switching to the database. Not to mention the use of PHP5 and NodeJS. As an integrator, you can change all styles of interface for editing a CSS file and graphic elements for changing the HTML file. Do not forget that you can also move them. You can configure the module for direct display models or pociles of characters available for the publisher. You can also configure PDF export, recovery and generation if you use a dedicated server or a shared server while being able to recover the BAT in low resolution for a control.

Plugins used

As for plugins, you have the choice between WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento osCommerce and of course. Do not forget that the rate is from 2500 euros excluding tax. For HTML5 price, you will benefit not only the basic features of integration on your site but you will also have a technical support throughout the integration. In addition, you will pay only once. You will not have to worry about anything concerning the license to use since you do not have an annual fee to pay. You can use our services for any addition of other feature so enjoy designing your own tools then.

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