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What does php 7 have in stall for you?

Zend, the creator of php has not stopped making new improvements to this language in order to allow the creators of web site to work with more performance. From php 1 to php 7, many features have been added. Security languages ​​against bugs have been added. Today the 7.1 version of php makes talk about it thanks to its great performance. What has php 7 brought back to web masters?

The new features included in php7

In July 2014, the failure of php 6 faces to unresolved complex technical problems caused php 5 to switch to the new version 7. The infographics presenting the new evolutions integrated in version 7 of php mentions spaceships which include a New operator that will allow the php developer to make comparison in the language. Then, Return Type Declarations and Hints Types have also been integrated for functions and methods. They can handle scalar types. This is very interesting since it will contribute effectively to simplify the management of inputs and outputs when decrypting codes. Php7 therefore has very effective features that will make it possible to improve the development of a site as much as possible.

Performance Guide

The creator and contributors to the PHP project made the promise that php7 will be faster and they have kept it. The PHP NextGeneration, inspired by facebook HHVM technology has made this version more powerful. One of the great advantages of using sites under php 7 is that the update is a lot more efficient. According to Zend, applications that pass through sites with php 7 at the base, could acquire 25 to 70% performance. It easily demonstrates that even wordpress, with version 4.1 has gained twice as much speed with php as with other versions and other language-type. During its development, the creators of php 7 also put forward a high level of optimization, at the same level as that of the HHVM. The release of this language has given a great breath and a considerable renovation to the world of web development.

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